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Vietnam - calendar 2014

Vietnam - small China in the south 2014 – calendar
Vietnam - small China in the south 2014 – calendar
The calendar: Vietnam - a still undiscovered country. Whether on the Mekong, in Saigon or Hanoi whether in the Halong bay, the old imperial city Hue or Hoi An, Vietnam has his unmistakeable charm. This calendar shows amusing sceneries, historically unique towns at twelve affectionately well-chosen photographs. Thus the harmony from small China enchants in the south.
Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Additionally, spaces present themselves there for own enrollments sufficiently.
Bibliographical statements:
Jan Balster
„Vietnam 2014“
Price: ca. 22 US-Dollars or 12 Pounds Sterling,
Scope: 26 pages, 12 black-and-white photographies,
Duration: 12 months
Initially-date: 1. January 2014
Format: 11 x 17“, 28 x 42 cm
Production: coil binding, full-color interior ink
Available in the Internet: Lulu publishing house

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