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Kalender - Mongolei 2014

Fotokalender - Mongolei 2014

Wandkalender Mongolei 2014
Der Kalender: Unberührte Natur abseits jeder Hast, Ruhe und Gelassenheit, dies verspricht die Mongolei. Dennoch ist sie lebendig in ihrer Einfachheit, fasziniert durch ihre Kontraste zwischen Tradition und Moderne. Während der Norden atemberaubende Berglandschaften und frische Weiden zeigt, birgt der Süden Steppe, bizarre Felsformationen und die Wüste Gobi.
Bibliographische Angaben:
Jan Balster
„Mongolei 2014“
Preis: 24,99 Euro
Umfang: 13 Seiten, 12 Fotografien
Dauer: 12 Monate
Anfangsdatum: 1. Januar 2014
Format: 42 x 29,7 cm (DIN A3 quer)
Ausstattung: 250 g/m² Fotodruck glanz - 4/0-farbig Euroskala - Wire-O-Bindung schwarz

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Mongolia 2014

Calendar - Mongolia 2014

Mongolia - 2014
The calendar: Untouched nature off every Having, rest and calmness, this promises Mongolia. It is alive in their simplicity, entranced by their contrasts between tradition and modern age. While the north shows breathtaking mountain landscapes and fresh pasture surfaces, the south rescues steppe, weird rock formations and the desert Gobi. The observer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally.

Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Additionally, spaces present themselves there for own enrollments sufficiently.

Bibliographical statements:
Jan Balster
„Mongolia 2014“
Price: ca. 24 US-Dollars or 16 Pounds Sterling,
Scope: 26 pages, 12 photographies,
Duration: 12 months
Initially-date: 1. January 2014
Format: 11 x 17“, 28 x 42 cm
Production: coil binding, full-color interior ink