Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Calendar - Mongolia 2010

The new calendar „Mongolia 2010“ has just published.

The slightly populated land of the earth, Mongolia promises untouched nature, rest and calmness. It fascinates us by her extensive contrasts between traditional and modern life-styles. Mongolia still lives by her simplicity. It connects breathtaking mountain landscapes and fresh meadows in the north with weird cliff formations and the desert Gobi in the south in a unique way. The viewer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally.

Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Additionally, spaces present themselves there for own enrollments sufficiently.

Bibliographical statements:
Jan Balster
„Mongolia 2010“
Price: ca. 24,39 US-Dollars or 17,36 Pounds Sterling,
Scope: 26 pages, 12 photographies,
Duration: 12 months
Initially-date: 1. January 2010
Format: 11 x 17“, 28 x 42 cm
Production: coil binding, full-color interior ink

Lulu publishing house


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